Between the "I"'s

One bright day, I sat on ground that was grassed,
Looked up at the Sun, to which I asked,
"Oh where, oh where, do I find this thing called Love?"
"Look between the 'I's," the Sun said from above.

The following afternoon, as I lay in the park,
I inquired a Tree, wisdom aging in its bark:
"Oh where, oh where, do I find this thing called Trust?"
"Look between the 'I's," the Tree exclaimed. "You must, you must!"

Then that night, standing under the star-speckled sky,
I spied the moon looking down at me with a question in its eye:
"What is it, my child, that which in your mind so deeply lies?"
Hopeless, I prayed, "Oh where, Mother Moon, can I find the 'I's?"
And after a moment’s thought, she responded with words so profound:
“Simply in your heart, is where Instinct and Intuition are found.”


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