Better Off This Way


sliced wrists

gashed thighs

voices screaming in my head.

am i better off this way?


a runaway 

a thief

been arrested.

maybe i should of gone to jail.

am i better of this way?


always in the psych ward

it just seems safer.

protects me from myself.

am i better off this way?


always in trouble at home.

get yelled at

and have no privacy.

am i better off this way?


dying feels like a better option.

whose going to stop me?

no one notice anyway.

am i better off this way?

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There are so many things that you can do to bring forth even the smallest sense of self awareness. Writing this poem, I'm sure you've already started the process. There are repetitions that haunt you and the strange occurrence of something unsettling beneath your skin. I hope that you are not really thinking this way, and if you are, that you know there is an entire community here at Power Poetry that are here behind you and understand. This was a very moving poem, thank you for having the bravery to post it.



Truly heartfelt and real

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