A Better Detroit

Detroit is defined by its weedman and its homeless, its strippers and its hopeless.
Why is it that everywhere we look there's strip clubs and a traphouse,
a burned down building and kids living with a single spouse.
Why is it the news full of death and children getting kidnapped.
Someones best friend shot and killed and a guardian wondering if their children will ever be back.
Why is the unemployment line so long and why is the community not helping?
Why do we allow these young teens to get pregnant and let these young dudes just escape them?
These helpless young girls left to fend for themselves because their parents dont care and their friends are no help.
Why are the guy pants down their knees and their shirts extra large?
Why are the girls shirts so tight and their shorts extra small.
Why is there no one who cares about Detroit? Why is there no one trying?
Why is all the stress on the youth? Why on no one else are we relying?

Detroit is a place that people look down on. A place that ignores success and promotes deception.
The dump place for ignorant wanna be thugs and hood rats and hoes.
Somewhere that no one wants to inhabit and a place where depression is thrown.
A place where potential floats everywhere but not enough try and too many put down.
A place where success could be grown but failure is the loudest sound.
A place where youth can only partially grow because their foundation is so fragile that many choose to leave it untouched.
If I could change Detroit, I would envision it as such.
I envision a better Detroit to be a place where people want to be.
A place where parents want to have their children to grow up and see.
A place where youth programs are promoted and shown everywhere.
And adults are supportive and change is shared.
I envision Detroit to be a place where business flourish and communities are close.
A place friends grow up together and with happiness they boast..
About their schools and facilities, their city and communities.
A place where children smile and teenagers grow. Where parents and guardians are happy to show
The things their city has accomplished and the plans they have for the future.
A place where everyone is proud and as a city, we mature.
I envision Detroit to be a place of choice and support, inclusiveness and diversity.
But let me stop day dreaming, its time to get back to reality.


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