I can run
You can't hide
A fortnight ago
I swore you died.
I watched as you burned
Flesh cracked and turned
black as the night.
Not a star in sight.
I watched you melt away
into ash and tar
Yet I saw you.
So close/so far.

I can run
you wont hide
By my side
since before you died
We were friends
and so much more
still I let them put you in chains on that floor
cold stone
to echo every pained moan.
They say you screamed my name for days
But I stayed far, far away.
I couldnt bare the weight
of how i sealed
your inescapable fate.

I can run
youre by my side
have been
since the day you died
tell them
tell them I lied!
Truly I am the reason
your existence was wiped.
and from your mouth
your tongue was swiped.
And so they sought
No More Lies
from the Devil’s spies.
I let you die.

I can’t run
I was the spy.
The Devil didnt see through yours
but mine.
My tongue spread his word
and my tongue spread his heart.
It should have been I with the witch hunter’s mark.
I lit that spark
that angered the demon’s flame.
and when they came I screamed your name.

I can run
but i can never hide
from this guilt so amplified
my suicide
is justified.
Drowning in your pain
I suffocate on the blood
that pours from my vein.
I will cover myself in the stench of death.
A wraith with your face
desperately waits
for my final breath.
Now here I sit
face blood stained red
‘Devil’s Witch’ carved into my head.

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Our world


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