I used to sit down and think out loud why I was born

On this unfair,unenjoyable world

I used to dry every single minute

I thought I didn't deserve to be who i was

I used to think i should be like others

But later i met a friend


A friend who never let me down

when i was going to fall in the deepest pit

A friend who never enjoyed my failures

A friend who knew what i need most

A friend who was patient with my mistakes

Who never gave up to give the best advices

She could ever want me or herself to be told


A friend whom i've never enjoyed her absence for a single minute

A friend i need most than any other thing

The one who made me realise how much i mean to people

The one who will always be my number one

and no one will ever follow her or come before her

Cause if i never got her in my life

I wouldn't be strong us i am today

She is my advisor

My partener in crime

My pretty young girl


I thank the lord for giving me this PYT

Who has made me become who i should be

For all these 5 years


I remember all those days when i wrote to u

My sorrows and helped me out

All those days you took my problem as urs

All those daylights we made the laughters

The nights we cried(especially u coz of the other autobook)


I can say much but one thing

You should know is the importance

You have to me in my life


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Dr. X Vinegar



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