Best Friends-The Real Definition

Best Friends the term thrown out so blindly, If you would like to know the real meaning, I'll present it to you kindly. Being Best friends isn't just a sweet and new trend, it is much much more... it will have no end. They support your dreams, encouragement they'll show, belief in you they'll have even when the world says no. Share with you struggles, they sure do, A best friend always tries to be there for you. You can trust them with everything and more, your secrets are safe with them, what else could you ask for? In these bonds there's very little worry, but if you lost them you'd be devesated surely. The best of friends don't care about your faults and failures. They love you for you , nothing could be greater. They know the remedies that will make you glad, they've seen your tears, they've seen you get mad. There are times when they may fail you, but just remember this: Best friendships aren't always perfect and filled with bliss. 

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