Below Her

 My manShe's a manA man, the one who puts food on the plates, Pays the bills and stillShe makes sure everyone ate she’s a man A man, to work all day and rest at home, Takes on those dutiesyet continues to assure you that you own that thrown  A wo-man, yes your womanA wo-man who should-nt be subjectedto your anger and confu-sion, confused as to why you just won't do Won't help with the kidsWon't cook any foodWorking and wondering why you stay out so late when she provides for you... Is it because she's a woman who couldn't Refused though you feel she shouldn't To be a house cleaning controlled and over thrown woman This women, working because you can't Or won't, or...she forgot your last excuse for why you don't - have a jobWhy you sit at home broke.Why you berate- herWhy you say she's not much of a woman, and blame-her, for your shortcomingsShould be more brave, yet cave-Her own self image to make you feel better Do you anger at her success?Is it your ego that can't take the stress? Stressing because you're no matchWaiting for her to realize there's another man, who can handle a phenomenal women at her best.  -Allahrah Muhammad  

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