The bell never rang

The bell sends its vibrations through the mountains 

through the barley fields changing their sweep

shaking the gravel in prestigous old man's drive way

rippling the water in the marble  fountain of knowledge.


The bell only rings for those trees who stand in the morning ,

sending a vibration through the cities feet.

The bell only rings for those whose roots haven't been propagated ,

sending glasses of ice tea on edges of wooden table tops tubbling to the ground

The bell only rings for those whose camouflages matches the desert and the ocean,

throwing trees to the ground in dense forests 

The bells never rang for the Angel of Nassar, but tiny vibrations still rippled on the surface of the fountain 

the bells never rang for the victims of Karo Kari.


This is a poem for my english class, but its about how no on cares for minorities in their society.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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