Behind What You See


Behind what you see, there is a past.
Surprising to believe that this long it would last.
I may be smiling and happy if I try,
but what they don’t know is that it is all a lie.

I’ll stay strong for my family, and my friends, too.
But it is my heart that is filled with rue.
I don’t like to bother or burden,
I know that for certain,
but I feel like I already do.

I’ve been better though,
emotions to and fro.
I’m a better person now.
Though not really knowing how;
it’s just my experiences that have made me grow.

My heart has grown its own thorns,
the results of being torn.
I feel so numb anymore,
and if not all things are sore.

But I’ll keep it to myself today,
to save others from dismay.
They don’t really know what’s inside.
My feelings and thoughts that I hide.
Like always, I’ll just tell them that I’m okay.


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