Behind the Scene

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 14:54 -- Nyx325

I hide behind this curtain and sing But on the stage that’s not me

The ringmaster lip syncs the words I want you to believe As I ghost behind the curtain where you can’t see

Ringmaster does an act to distract My show in the back

Why am I so scared? Do you even care?

I hide in the shadows so you don’t see Ringmaster performs in the light, your eyes are keen

Still you can not spy my lies You believe that you have solved how I do my trick

Though remember a magician never reveals his secrets But maybe I should verbalize

Tell you what were lies Soon the lies will come on stage

Light disintegrates them away Soon truth will be displayed

The more I express The more the Ringmaster is repressed

Can you see why it is hard to be me Ringmaster shows you what you want to see

I juggle words as I balance on a ball Each word crucial

If I drop one my demise will approach If I fall off the ball it will be my curtain call

Instead of applause, I will receive Stones of your sympathy

So let me me remove it all Rip the curtains

Throw away the tents Deflate the ball

Get rid of it all This mental circus, begone!

Ringmaster you liar Bygone Ringmaster

I stand alone The crowd goes home

Now you see only me. Will you go too?

With the clowns With the animal sounds

Take away the costume. Who am I?

I am me And we are happy

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