Behind my Mask


United States
38° 58' 37.4988" N, 77° 20' 58.8156" W

In case you didn't know it

I don't show it

I have a mask of my own

It doesn't cover up my face

or my race

but something of much more importance


Behind this mask is a person

full of love and affection

of talent and skill

far beyond my years

but that mask I hide behind

will not help me find

the timeless love I long for


I may be young

My sweet song unsung

But my intentions are true

I seek a hand to hold

a partner in crime

a person to take on the world with, arm in arm.

For better or for worse

In sickness and in health

Until death do us part


This hit to my heart

Would tear you apart

But my intentions live on


My patience, waiting long

My hope's staying strong

That one day, maybe you'll come around


If you do, then you'll find

that this mask I'm behind

has torn me from the inside, out.



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