Behind four walls


United States
25° 51' 50.8356" N, 80° 18' 16.5492" W

what four walls can hide
is astonishing
the face of a girl
that's been hiding
every day
behind that door
it's not what you see
there's so much more
oh the four walls
that cover the truth
not a body part stirs
and her mouth stays mute
she's a different person
once she walk's out that floor
you wouldn't recognize her
you've never seen her before.
but the only place
where she could cry
her peaceful world
tears from her eyes
where she could yell
where she could scream
where she's expelled
from everything
it makes no sense
no sense at all
the girl that hides
behind four walls.

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very good poem. please read mine and tell me what you think

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