Because I love you,
I would do anything to see your gorgeous view.
My heart only grows when I see you smile,
I can’t be apart from you even if it's a little while.


Because I love you,
I see no other girl as beautiful as you.

You are so kind and joyful,
I ask myself, “How is she so Wonderful?”

Because I love you,
For the first time, I can truly say I love someone,

You made me realize how magnificent life can be,

My heart is a lock, you are my key,
Writing this only sets me free.


Because I love you,
my heart drives on endless roads,
I find you beautiful from head to toe.

Don’t be mean give me a chance,

I want to be close to you, so let's go for a dance.


Because I love you,

There is not a single day you don’t look perfect to me,

Is it too soon for me to be on one knee?

There is not a single day I don’t think about you,
Can you say you love me too?





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