Sat, 01/21/2017 - 00:03 -- vwham99

Around this time last year,
We were sitting in your car,
With my arms around your neck,
And our eyes up on the stars

And we talked about your future
How amazing it would be.
But I never saw a future,
Where it wouldn't be you and me

Because my lips fell like petals
On your shoulders and your nose
Because your eyes were always open
And your heart was always closed

Because though my love filled rivers
My words were always obsolete
Because I found solace in you
And you found solace in my sheets

Because even though I never saw
A future where we weren't together
I see now our parting
Was always for the better

Because you fall into her arms
Like they feel like home
Because her hair is like the earth
Her lips like honeycomb

Because I look at the stars
And always saw you
Because you looked at the stars
And saw only the view

So this year I sit
And I look upon the stars
And my lips don't give kisses
They simply stay how they are

And I think about my future
How wonderful it will be
And I'm happy there is a future
Where there is no you and me.

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