Because I Love You

Because I Love You


Words on a paper, words on a screen,

A phrase said outloud.

Powerful when spoken, and hurtful when taken.

Because I love you, I would do anything for you.

I promise to bring you happiness on end,

Laughter that brings tears, and love

Without an expiration date.

I am young, but I can see.

People run with knives, and play with fire,

Leaving victims who so desperately want

To believe it’s love, left alone on their own.

Because I love you, I know that isn’t you.

Is it fate? The way our two souls

Separated by time, but drawn back to each other have met?

That’s what it feels like.

You teach me of love, you teach me life, you teach me

About the mind.

What a beautiful thing it is,

To love someone for what’s inside.

So used to those with nothing

On their mind but themselves,

You gave me insight to yours-

And showed me myself.

Because you love me, I know you care.

Pointless arguments, regretful decisions, moments of ignorance,

Periods where all that was left to blame was pride.

Stubbornness and anger,

Blocked the ways to our ears.

Right or wrong, you remain sorry.

Forgiveness was never absent,

And your love, always present.

We planned a future,

Filled with continuous support

And the belief that I would succeed.

All my dreams and hopes and wants

Wrapped up in the perfect person.

Never forgetting to keep in mind

What was best for me.

Appreciation, reassurance, patience.

All virtues of your love that I

Never I never failed to recognize.


Time. A small unit,

With huge impact.

Because I love you, it does not exist.

You make days shorter when here,

And extend forever when gone.

Always spent, but never wasted

When I’m with you.

Forever imagining a forever although not promised.

Promises. A thing not meant

To be broken, but remains unkept.

Because you love me, you want to protect me.

You see your life for what it is,

You know the dangers that lurk, you’ve lived.

I thought that I knew.

I thought that I understood,

How strong these words were, until they’re said.

I do not make promises, but I promised you.

Because I love you, I know now that I don’t.

I cannot willingly give you the world,

Without seeing it for myself first.

I cannot promise you my life, if it has yet to be lived.

I cannot pretend to fake,

What I feel is not there in it’s fullest capacity.

I cannot be the adult that

You’ve shown me you are.

All the flowers, and the letters, and the kisses

Could not change the thoughts I’ve come to own.

I know that in time,

We all find what we need.

And now it’s time, for me to do what you have promised me.

I hope that the stars soon get the privilege

To know you as I did, and that the Sun

One day stares at you in admiration as I have.

I know that you’ll amount to greatness,

And be glad I did what I did,

Even though you might not think so.

But because I love you,

I’m letting go.


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