Because I Love You...

Because I love you

The weird smell your feet give off,

your inability to answer messages (in a timely manner),

the twitch you get before you sleep (that wakes me up),

and your love of country music

will be accepted.


Because I love you

I will listen to the same story (over and over again)

no matter how many times you’ve told it

Because the light in your eyes when you tell it

Brings a smile to my face every time.


If you have a bad day

I will be waiting with open arms,

your favorite food,

and a comforting bed

to listen intently to every word.


Because I love you

When we argue

I will not leave midway through it (no matter how much I want to)

I will try to keep a level head (even if it’s next to impossible)

And I will do my best to listen to your side (even if it’s wrong)

so we can find a solution together.


Because I loved you

I gave you a second chance (even though you didn’t deserve it)

I taught you how to be open (to yourself and your friends)

I listened to your passions (even when they didn’t interest me)

I accepted your flaws (like your smelly feet and poor communication skills)

And I let you leave at the end of the day (even when I wanted you to stay)


Because I love you

And your happiness keeps you healthy

And your happiness makes me happy

And my happiness makes me stronger.



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