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Thu, 05/02/2013 - 10:49 -- tshanaw


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dissappointment in her eyes
as she cries
looking at her ugly reflection, disgust at her thighs
an ache from what she ate
making her a little bigger than the skinnier girl, and she wonders why people like me hate
on her
and in her head there's a blur, because she cant transfer
a way to loose weight to her mind
and this is why i rhyme
to let thick women know that they arent wasting their time
and this is the time
to take action on this distraction before the time is all up!
and you should've been thinking about this before you put that sweet cup
of juice to your mouth! while you was laying dowwn on the couch in your house!......
ha ha! but you know im just playin, im sayin, that what you are weighin, is helping you cause you will be swayin
those hips down the hall, nice and tall, while you are capturing the eyes of all, and get a call
from that cute boy, the one you wanted to be your "boy toy"
and your starting to annoy me cause before you could see that you who you wanted to be is not prettier than you
and its crazy what you've been putting yourself through, but now you've grew into
a beautiful woman and now you've got that true man
that excepts you for who you are, treats you like a star and makes you feel good
because before you misunderstood who you were...
but, today is anew day, a new way, and now you can say
that the girl your lookin at now is something that you'll never portray.


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