Beautiful Creatures.



once upon a time...We hear in stories as we grow up the wonders and astounding lives characters live,

but when your town is bomb ridden and full of careless rulers, it's not a matter of a happily ever after, it's 

a matter of if you live or if you die.


Black hijab, barely breathing.

Hot sun, sand screeming.

Do you hear the cry of a beautiful Muslim creature?


They're not people, they are people.


Eyes gleeming, thats all you can see.

A shrine of sweat, but no retreat. 

This is the composition we see in the East.


They're not strong, they are strong.


Adira, strong. Ahava, beloved.

But fate doesnt see these marks.

They only see the object.


Could a daeifat almar'a* find a hope?

or could she find a life tied up and captivated by hate

No, they dont see the creature behind the hijab.

They see the composition we see in the east.


Happily ever after is a dream, we all seek to purchase

But beautiful creatures are left in the sand clawing at a

happily ever after.



*Weak woman






I wanted to take a dramatic lead of the fairy tale aspect of Happily ever after, involving 

Muslim women, and the role they play in the middle east and even in America. There's

not a fairy tale story on Muslims, and there isnt a fairy tale on the difficult tasks they 

must go through. So i wanted to shed a light on this topic especially durring ramadan.



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