Beasts and Men

Have you ever

Stared into the 

Darkening shadows of the night,

Searching for the secrets

That hold nature together?

Have you ever

Felt it staring back?


Those that dare to try

Taming the rebellious wild

Revert back to their beginnings

Against that dark, dangerous tide.

The wilderness masters the colonist.

The settler becomes the settled.

The conqueror yeilds to the land.


The beasts tear apart your soul,

Reknitting your bones in their image -

Fierce, feral, ferocious - 

And your remade spirit

Drifts back,

Way back,

To the dawn of humanity

Where all creatures 

Were as one mind.


Be careful as you peer

Into the shadows before the dawn,

There are eyes hidden in the darkness.

They are, after all, 

The windows to savage souls

And the destructive power within.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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