To be honest,One Year

In one year,

I noticed a change in the universe.

No longer running

through her purse,

for loose change

like an endless,

leather garden,

never stopping to

smell the roses.

I've lost my heroes,

ages ago,

and they continue

to fall,

my tears follow 

lifes lead,

as if it were rehearsed.

To be honest,

ain't shit changed,

but the date

and how much 

more I can't relate.

I don't belong here,

But I've never been to Africa,

my sweet melanin,

forever a sin

in this melting pot

and believe me, 

I am melting.

To whom it concerns:

he bled out for

two hours.


Two hours to laugh,

Two hours to love,

Two hours to sing

just because,

but instead

you chose to give him 

Two hours to live,

just because.

Time is an impatient thing,

and Death doesn't discriminate

or care.

Neither do you

and I don't even

know who "you"











This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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