Battles in the Mind

I used to look 

watch and judge

those who didn't think like me 

I used to criticize 

make fun of and put down

those who didn't act like me 

But of course

life has a way of turning 

your faults 

your actions

your words 

your opinions 


and shoving them full force back at you 

So now

I no longer look at the person cutting themselves 

and think 

you're sick and weak 

I no longer watch them and do nothing about it 

I no longer judge the person who can't get out 

of bed 

in the morning because they are fighting 

something I can't see 

I used to think they deserve what they have 

they complain too much 

they can get over it 

and now 

I criticize myself

I make fun of myself 

I put myself down 

and I can't seem to get out of bed in the morning 

And this isn't complaining 

it's a cry for help

and this isn't something I can just get over 

this is a battle inside a place I can't escape 

my own mind

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