Thu, 08/29/2013 - 02:39 -- jross34


You said you care

But I don’t see you here

You said it was tough

You weren’t wrong


Are you my best friend

Or have you made myself

my own worst enemy

and you are far away


I never meant to trust you

I never meant to believe you

I never meant to love you

But I’ve done that and more


If we had met alone

I’d be concerned for what I’d done

Yet we haven’t and will not

So I don’t have to be


My only concern now

Is to release you and how

I’m tangled up in your web

I’m caught in your trap


I fell for your deceit

Despite knowing to retreat

I got caught in your snare

And now I have to care


I care about you deeply

I cannot leave my love neatly

My heart will be ripped in two

My plans utterly through


All I really want is you

But you are gone

You cannot undo

What I thought was true


I’m broken and tired

I’m captivated and wired

I’m upset and lonely

I’m jubilant and wholly yours


I know you now

And still I choose

To love you anyways

And thus I lose


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