Battle Scars Are Beautiful, But Scars Are Not

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 10:36 -- _erin_d


The slits on her wrist,

The burns on her calf.

Not eating for weeks,

Hating herself.


These are not things to glorify,

They should not able to.

Be seen clearly,

Because you have tears in your eyes.


This girl hates herself,

So much.

She decides to hurt herself,

Physically and mentally.


This is a one way street,

And it ends in a cul-de-sac.

A cul-de-sac,

Of destruction.




These things should not be glorified,

In your tumblr poetry.


They should be stopped,

And that girl should be helped.

Because she cant bring herself to,

Help herself.


When she does recover,

They are not scars anymore.

They are,

Battle Scars.


She is a warrior now,

She has overcome.

Something almost impossibe,



And that girl?




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First of all love Demi and secondly Ilove this poem it is amazing

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