Based Off a Tragedy


Why does everything have to be based off a tragedy.

Is it not advantageous enough to just have a beneficial life anymore.

People have adapted to where if things are good that you've basically have no ways and means.

If you work hard enough  then that is just not profitable enough. 

Words for broken hearted kids are praised for the thing that they have been through.

 What gives us the right to say that she's better then that person over there that has worked just as hard.

See we as society have given props to those that have been in a broken situation.

Realize that everyone is not  the same. Everyone doesn't get the chance of being a broken home little girl or boy. Everyone can not be a sad person.

Yet everything is based off a tragedy. 

Why should the average be disowned by the rich or poor .

The levels of life used to be tragedy being put on use. Lets fight for a better day.

Now we've made tragedy a crutch to get everything. 

How dare me to exalt above my tragedies and tell you the good. 

I'm sorry world that my dream doesn't amount to much yet my dream is the same as the person who had been threw saddness.

I'm sorry world but you didn't get a chance to consume my family into a tragedy. 

Tragedy, I apologize for not having you as the core of my life. 

I should just give up trying to have a happy life like a well feed lion seeking for a rat.

To Whom this may  concern, 

Life is not a tragedy. So Why must existence be based off a tragedy instead of dream

                                                                                                    Love, Me


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