Based off My Understanding

Based off my understanding ,


Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.


My understanding comes from the gutters of the second, to the very last class of people. Because I am apart of the so called minority...the majority of my understanding comes from what I’ve witnessed. Poetry took place since the day of human creation and trickled down ..and down.. into what is called The New Era...2018


Poetry is speaking your mind and heart and making your words felt by the listener ,

And Shaken by the opposers.


Poetry is creative and conning, if use correctly a person can inflict a unimaginable change.


Poetry is,

“Today’s top stories , in local news; 3 arrested and 2 found shot dead.”

Video shows;..A woman who is a parent of one of the two victims, cries her soul out .


She begged and pleaded for help, better understanding, assistance, answers and justice for her slain child.

Her petition for justice and suffering is poetry… but that’s just based off my understanding.


 Poetry is when that one black African American boy proves ...No Shows society how wrong they are and then makes their mother proud by standing out from the crowd. ..Yes he has made it!”


  Poetry is trying to balance your bills between other  daily necessities..

No food, but hey! the lights are on.


 Poetry is beautiful construed ,

Poetry to me doesn’t have a particular way of style

Poetry taught me that it isn’t just rhyme and sharp verses.


Poetry is unending realities that people endure.


Based off My Understanding

Based Off MY Understanding …Poetry is life


Written by Elaina Dawson




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