For Luc, because he wanted a poem about Bananas:  


This poem about bananas 

May seem like lots of fun 

But I’d rather write a poem 

About an apple, pear, or plum. 


Not only could he leave it 

To let the poem take its course 

But he says that I must say it 

Like the neighing if a horse 


So it’s time to write the poem 

Though I don’t know how to start 

Banaynays aren’t my favorite fruit 

So I’m not writing from the heart 


Banaynays look like lemons  

That were purposefully stretched 

Or perhaps they look like peppers 

That were very poorly sketched 


Either way banaynays 

Have a taste of many notes 

Of pineapples and candies 

Or of melons and of cloves 


Their texture can be thicker like 

A softened balsa wood 

But many times it’s squishy 

Like the jars of baby food. 


Overall they’re stringy 

And they get stuck in my teeth 

If they didn’t have potassium 

They’d be gone within a week 


So listen up you yellow fruit 

Though you have a funny name 

You squishy ripe banaynays 

I wish you’d go away. 


This poem is about: 
My country


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