I am lost in the city of Austin.

The moon illuminates skyscrapers

As I walk through the slums,

Questioning if it is day

Or night. In the morning,A man and Anger danceIn a circle entwinedTill Anger throws the man away.But Belligerence, Anger,Pain, and PersistenceDrag that wreck of a man backTo the wreck he started.Simpleton of low faculty,He has no capacityTo know what he's done.The sweet, soft buffoonStill takes each blowWith a smile. I call upon a force strongerBut receive a frail old lady.Now belligerence climbs my back,Breathes on my neck,Makes my stature shrink.The man is gone.He threatens to bite and claw me,To beat and maul me.Her words will not help me,For I dropped the call.I must rely on my strengthTo get this fiend off.I twist and turnTo no avail;He is one with me.I peel at his fingers;He bends but does not break.I strike at him as he mocks me,Then choke him as he laughs.He cannot die.Will not.Die. He chooses when to leave:Laughing,When you heave in exhaustionAnd have notEven the mighty tongueTo be your justice.The Sun showsWhat a wretch I amBut bathes my sullen self cleanIn his light.He knows nothing outshines him. Bitterness,I am BitternessAs I spit with each step.I may curse the ground,But it will curse me backWhen it grows flowers.The stairs increase,But this is fine.I need time to think,Anyway.The cobblestone steps become a palletOf about 5'3".Sun Tzu would shame meHad he known I gave up the high ground.Concern cautions me,Softens me.But I needed to,Had toProve to myself that I canAccept my lowlinessWithout killing myself.

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