Bad Brain

Sometimes, I think it would be nice to peel off my skin in strips like string cheese.

Sometimes, I think it would be cool to be frozen solid like a Popsicle.

Growing up a good girl with a bad brain is strange.

Being known as a sweet girl, known to bubble and grin

But eternally fearing the inevitable, within.

Sometimes, I think of what it would be like to fall in a black hole and be shredded up like a legal document.

Sometimes, I think of what it would be like to put my bare hand in a frying pan.

My eyes are as big as the moon and I could find something happy in every star

but every star is a problem and every star is as big as the moon

Sometimes don't you find yourself pondering how it would feel to pull out each hair from your body, one by one?

Sometimes, don't you just bite down on your cheek, just to feel real?

Burned my tongue on a hot slice of pizza

Burned my tongue from lying without reason

Burned my tongue because I didn't think

Scalding sorry's won't make it satisfactory

You can't put band aids on a burned tongue

Good girls still have bad things in their brains

Burned tongues are like bad brains.

There is no band aids for us.

I'm gonna get bored sometimes.

I'm gonna get tired early sometimes,

and sometimes I won't fall asleep at all.

Sometimes I'm gonna lie awake wishing you'd call

I'm gonna make up problems

and sometimes I'm gonna make up excuses.

Excuses for why I don't wanna play today

Excuses for not wanting to leave the house.

Excuses, like no I don't feel good, today.

When was the last time I did?

I know I did just the other day

Why does it feel so far away?

It's not

You're not

I'm not,

am I?




I smile at you

I dress like a cartoon character

I laugh easily

I'll be nice

but sometimes

I disappear



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