Laugh at me, put me down, spit in my face, take my virginity, lecture me, kick me...
But Never will you Define Me
I am old as ancient times.
I am the roots of an Oak Tree.

I am no pretty girl laying on this plastic surface

I am the the one who has smiles stapled to her face.
Cuts run up my ears cause I can't handle the fake exter
Let me as myself, "Can I Knock that Shit Down?" 
Why put up a front to hide myself?
Let me take the staples and  bury them, trash them.
I will not allow dominoes to fall, this will not be my cycle.
I cheer
I laugh
I bake 
I really don't care
I cry myself to sleep
I Sit there and I Stare
I been Raped
I do good in school
I use No Excuses
I will succed, you watch and belive
and I smile through it all



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