thanks to society she learned to hate her body

"youre skinny"

you must be anorexic 

oh youre not okay heres an extra burger you need it honey

your hairs not perfect  

you must not care what you look like

do you know your roots are showing

 you dont talk much 

you must be racist

maybe she thinks shes too good to talk to us

youre autistic

i gotta go shes gonna shoot up the place

i thought psychos had to go to school somewhere else

dont you know you dont belong here

oh you flinched when i touched you 

why you getting an attitude

shes crazy stay away from her 

you say you got raped and sexually harassed

are you that you werent drinking or  on drugs

you must have been asking for it 

what were you wearing.

eew shes got  scars

where did they come from 

why would you do that 

why all these assumptions

constant assumptions

thanks to society she learned to hate her body 



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