The Ash of High-Schools on Fire


I don't think I care anymore,
at least - not today.
Today I could be the life within timid embers, old and forgotten, and still feel meaningful. As I am surely put out by hergargantuanGothicboots,
I am content, she thought just enough enough to stifle me.
Whether I step on her toes, or she overwhelms me. What I mean is no longerrelevant.
I'm tired of wasting nights worrying-
I want to breath for once without having to smother us. We are both flames of sorts, whether a flicker
or a rampaging forest fire;
I should not smother what is meant to instill warmth. No, I should not smother this warmth,
I will surely need it for winter - and winters to come.
I will, however, burden you one last time. Please do not forget the trail we blazed together before our ash settled.
Do not let our fires drift too far apart.
It's not so often I am burned by my best friend.



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