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I have always lived in a world of fantasy
unicorns, mermaids, werewolf's, monsters.
The thoughts and hopes and dreams of a child
feeling beyond her years.
Being made from pataches of different colors
and features of the world.
Always fearing the monsters in the dark,
but knowing they aren't the scariest thing out there.
Hearing, watching, listening as parents fight with no love,
breaking down material things while building impenetrable
walls of morals within.
Protecting younger sisters from the monsters of the dark
and the destructive fights of the parents.
Finding solace in the most beautiful place to
release emotions, dreams, ideas.
Creating Art.
Pushed by a cousin with so many hardships
to become great.
Taught and moved by the greatest caring Artist,
to become the artist I am today.
Creating in every media just to become that
very artist/ teacher.
So no one fears the monsters in the dark.

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I wrote this poem initially for a improve class I was taking for a project called artist journey. I found that what made me who I am, can from many significant events and people in my life. I was most impacted when my cousin took his own life, which inspired me to want to touch other like I have been by great people in my life.


This poem is very good. I love the reference to the different fantasy creatures like mermaids. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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