The Artist

I flew upon the fragrant wings

Of thoughts, and hopes, and silly things,

I wandered worlds that might yet be

And trekked through places never seen.


I stargazed on the softest cloud;

The greatest place the world around!

I saw the stars dance sweet and slow

Until with night they had to go.


I gazed upon the yawning morn

As day from night again was born,

I witnessed all the world breathe in

And saw the world begin again.


I found that all the world is drab

If we don't take it in our hands

And say "I'll make this something new!"

And so that's what I always do.


I paint my world in brightest hues;

Impassioned reds and thoughtful blues,

I use all colors I can find

To show the world within my mind.


When others hear about these things

They sometimes laugh and sometimes scream,

Some hustle by with cold disdain

While others think that I'm insane.


These people like to paint with grey

And want me to do as they say,

To be someone that isn't me,

Someone that they would rather see.


I love the world too much to let

The earth dissolve in their regret

That they did not see all they could

Or do the things they thought they should.


If all we use to paint the skies

Are sorrows and our endless sighs

Then all the earth will slowly end

Because we make the world we're in. 


So I'll bring joy to all their ways

And add my colors to their greys,

This world is better than it seems

Because I paint it with my dreams.


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