The Artist


I am a humble man, 

No hero, king or saint. 

My purpose is my brush, 

My canvas and my paint. 


My Dear, I have this gift - 

I paint all that I see,

And everything I paint

Becomes reality. 


I've painted frogs and fairies, 

A doll, a truck, a kite, 

A small white dog named Rover - 

He gaurds my dreams at night.


He stood at the foot of my bed

The night the heavens cleared

And angels sang their song of love, 

Of treasure, of terror and tears.


And in my dreams I saw your face

With eyes as clear as sky;

Your lips were red as cherries, 

Your laugh more potent than wine.


You smiled at me and all at once

I wanted you as my wife.

You called and beckoned softly, 

"My love, bring me to life!"


I woke and I remembered

The terror in my chest.

Your words became like scars to me, 

Your request I could not forget.


At once, I took up my brush

And paints of every hue - 

You came to live on my canvas

But no breath was birthed in you.


That night I'd thought I'd lost

The skills I had before, 

But in my dreams you whispered, 

"My love, I need much more!"


So from the earth I stole

The paints to form your face.

The leaves became your emerald eyes - 

The violets, your lace. 


I squeezed the blood of roses

To paint your precious lips.

Crushed bone became your ivory skin

And I thought - this. Yes, this. 


But Alas! Your eyes were dull, 

Your mouth stayed cold and hard.

My fragile heart, it finally broke, 

Thus I played my final card. 


With fear, I made my choice.

In my lonely, most silent voice:

"As the fire is given by coal, 

I give you my love, my life, my soul."


I thought I'd finally have you, 

But you took me instead. 

Your hands, they grasped my spirit

And left my body dead.


And now reality is gone - 

Forever takes its place,

For I have joined my one, my love, 

In the land of time and space. 


The land of dreams and in-between

Is where my story ends; 

We parade the world in make believe, 

Sweet love, my only friend. 


Tears and time alone

Failed to bring my girl to be.

I gave my whole, my entire self,

For the laughter of a dream. 


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