Arrow Ace

My dear's a deer

what a novel idear

having a deer not a dear

makes me a bit queer


what's really quite queer

if you'll stay 'round to hear

isn't my dear deer

but instead



I've sworn off men

to Hades with women

Time and again,

Apollo can win ‘em.

I don’t want a hen

Or some guy in my pen

Let me tend my garden

I am my own guardman

Thank you very much.


I’m an ace with a bow

Enemies are quick to go

When I shoot my arrow


If ever I say no

And some bloke’s going too slow

My arrow’s have been known to grow

Right out someone’s back

After all,

No means No.


I’ve earned the nickname the Arrow Ace

It uses my archery skill as its poker face

But really the name’s an interface

Between my archery talent

And my need for space

My hatred of first base

My mortification when facing embrace

The lack of attraction that allows for my pace


You get it?

I’m aroace!


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Skye Fuller

This is so cool! I loved hearing you read this aloud, it flows nicely. I thought that your ending line was perfect.

(Love the flower crown!)


Thank you for your feedback and kind words!

Snow in Autumn

I absolutely loved this, as a fellow LGBT+ member I'm so happy to see amazing poems like this. You reading it made it all the better! If you ever want to join a group that celebrates poems like this, check out Sonder Poetry. I think you'd be a great addition. 

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