Arrival at the Turning Point


Stretched in all directions,

a reflection of where you stand.

Left in, to fend with no defense,

horizons end is arid sand.

Tongue is numbed, a dry sponge

in your mouth on which you choke.

Carry on through dehydration,

lack of salivation, but not lose hope.

Chase the mirage you know to be,

what have you else to cling?

The disparage bites at your heels,

press the search for anything.

Not superstitious, but an apparition

appears and offers a drink.

Addictive, this liquid will not parch,

but lie and make you think.

Frantically grasp the glass,

not a question asked at all.

So thirsty, very thirsty

Not even tears nor sweat may fall.

Every sip begs for another,

but alas! You gasp for air.

The cup still full, taunts "had your fill?"

And your thirst you cannot bear.



I never thought I'd run across a place for poets! Especially, a site that helps with college. I'd appreciate some feedback on my first post and love to get more involved with this community.

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