Aren't You Afraid

I will admit

I’m afraid of the dark.


Not for its shallow emptiness,

But rather what lurks

In the shadows of my mind

After the sun breaks the sky.


Not for its null of silence

But rather the lack thereof,

As whispering voices lull me

Into sweet twisted lullabies.


Not for its crippling stillness

But rather its gaining momentum

Over the piercing noises

That ricochet my thoughts.


I fear

For I am blinded by everything

But the obvious darkness;

Waiting to consume me whole.


Like a siren wading out at sea

I’m lured into its arms.

Destined to drown in this pool of grief,

Then I’m nowhere to be found.


I am prisoner to its power

Over the monument of time.

Confined by the chains

Of my own demise.


For in the dark,

I see my worst fears

Come into the light.


Aren’t you afraid

Of what comes in the dark?


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