I have picked the fruits that stem from my intellectual tree in order to create my platter of dissertation. The rot that is the contemporary justice system, racial inequality, and lack of compassion are what have fed the society I have grown to know. However, this bitter disdain has been met with the sweet fruits of my mind that have nurtured my thinking, fed my intellect, and grown my soul. You see, I have never experienced so much evolution in my lifetime. The fundamental changes that occurred in the past year or so are that of exposure-exposure to the explicit ways of the world, the overtly conflated thinking of others, and the sometimes bigoted nature of certain individuals.



            But the counter to the earlier type of exposure I received also gave way for growth in my interest to create, not find, solutions to the pressing matters of todays globalized world. Concurrently I also discovered a community of people who share a similar passion for creating in their respective fields of study. What I plan to carry out is a continued development of my curiosity in systems that have oppressed people throughout history, and to further delve into knowledge on systemic oppression, intersectional feminism, the consequences of capitalism, modern existentialism, and so on to create solutions.    

I feel the weight of the world-somthing like an apple tree on my mind. But I take in these emotions, and feel like its time to grind. 



Jerald Ramos 


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