Apple or Pizza


Here's to the ones who picked up an apple instead of that slice of pizza.

To the ones who keep their wallpaper of fit girls to remind themselves of what they need to look like.

To the ones who post countless of "at home work out routines", diets, and "21 day slimdowns" on their Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

To the countless doctor visits where you are measured and weighed and told one more time, "Hmm, I see we're still a little bit on the chunky side, now let's see how we can fix that."

Because theres always a little something more you need to be doing.

A little something more that you need to work on at the gym.

A little something less that you need to be eating.

Because there's always a little something more we can fix.

Because apparently society has decided that we are BRokEn.

They have decided how much food we are allowed to eat,

How many times we need to work out,

And how much S P A C E we are allowed to take up in this world.

I've watched my generation get smaller and smaller.

Shrinking not only in waist size, but in confidence.

And I look to my niece and hope that by the time she is my age she is not worrying about being a size two,

But how to make this world a better place and what she can do.

Which is just what our generation should be doing right now.

But we are blinded by the images coming left and right, all the expectations being put on us right now.

And I probably could help start it, scream and shout it out loud,

But i'm in the middle of my work out right now.


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