An Apostrophe to Apostrophe

I claim you all mine,

arrogant as Manifest Destiny.

Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”



You are the Symbol of Informality,

You are the Middle Finger to edicate,

You are the equivalent of a Judo Flip,

You, our Rebellious Linguistic Tic,

Are the Filler of Absences,

The Embodiment of Silences.



Wonderful Thingies you do many:

You thumb your nose at the mob about to lynch,

You give writers that extra Hook, Singe, Kick,

You tell the Haters to kiss your Ass, Pussy, Dick,

You, our Unconquerable Flame,

Are that which I can’t enough name.



Without you, I may die indefinitely.

You are my eyes, ears, butt, teeth,

You help to squash my English Language Beef,

And for this, give me no grief,

But you, our Vertical Uprooted Comma Slice,

Are the Voice of the Colonized.

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