Anxiety Attack


Look around. What do you see?

The world's coming apart piece by piece.

Every direction seems like a dead end.

Go to your house: Everyone is fighting.

Go to your work: Everyone's a backstabber.

Go to your school: Everyone does drugs.

Go to your church: Everyone's pretending.


When will it end. All this commotion inside your head.

Anxiety builds up and everyone says pray.

You Pray and pray harder and the answer is always the same.

The end of times is on its way.


Oh no! I have to get a career. I have to get married. I have to have SOME accomplishments.

Your mind fills with things that will never happen and the anxiety build once again.

You're ready to explode and every day it's a new struggle to get through these end of times.

You don't understand, why all the struggle? There's people around you who let go of their morals and get everything they want. People who do the exact opposite of what you were taught and still live happier than you.

You try to live a good Christian life and then something new brings you down.


But suddenly it clicks, the devil plays games with everyone's minds, while God's word stays true.

God said He will give us eternal life. A life that will be bliss. All he asks is for us to obey his law.

To love one another as he loves us and to serve each other as he serves us.

The devil makes everything seem beautiful:

You're not beautiful unless you're skinny.

Try drugs they make you feel good.

Make permanent marks on your body, it stays here to rot anyways.

Have sex all you want, it won't affect you, you will have complete satisfaction, you will feel great about your body, and everyone will know you and love you. 

Religion was invented to keep you locked in.

This is real life. Enjoy it. After all YOLO!


A human's soul craves attention and love, but this love doesn't come from worldly things.

The reality of it all is that you're beautiful because God made you and everything that God makes is perfect. You are PERFECT!

Drugs harm your body in every way shape and form, even if its just a little plant that you smoke, because it makes God's perfection impure. 

You we born with no ink on your body because your body is the sacred temple of the Holy Spirit.

A Spirit so pure that it should not be stained with any sin or any man made material.

Sex is what God gave his perfect creatures for procreation not recreation.

It makes a soul impure as well as the body that the soul dwells in because you're only supposed to recreate if your souls have been fused together in Holy Matrimony by Jesus himself.

Lust is what the devil uses to make us feel loved for a second.

Unconditional love is what God uses to make us happy all the time.

Religion is what Jesus left for us to follow his teachings. It is there to help us keep our souls clean and pure.

Life doesn't have to be a struggle. It is meant for us to enjoy it by loving and caring for everyone around us.

We don't only live once, because God promised us eternal life. And God ALWAYS keeps His promises.


The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. All three are one.

Because God is almighty and can do ANYTHING.

He is the light in heaven, he is the human who was crucified, and he is the Holy Spirit that lives within us. The Holy Spirit is Jesus who in turn is God.

God is in each and every one of us. We are not God but we are part of him.

We will all be tempted and sin.

But it is up to us to get back up and try again.

He is always there inside of us, making our souls pure.

For this reason we should live in peace, knowing that God always loves us and, if we love Him, we will show him through our actions.

Not offend him by taking away the purity and perfection that He created us with.


We are all hypocrites. God loves us all the same.

Our job is to try to follow Jesus' example, repent and not repeat the sin.

This world is ending but that doesn't mean your time is ending.

Your time is just beginning, because after here, we have eternity to look forward to.


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