Anti-Social Media


Enough is enough

I'm calling a time out on social media

The content of my newsfeed has been too far out of bounds

I'm calling fouls, for incorrect grammar, filtered photos, and warn out hashtags

Because now my thoughts come in the form of tweets

And I speak in sentence fragments, spewing phrases like "I can't even..!"

What happened to subjects and predicates; subject verb agreement?

Now my days consist of "liking", "retweeting", and "reblogging"

Stop cloging up my timeline, I don't care about Throwback Thursday or Follow Friday

But its all good because ou said you went to church on Sunday

Enoug is enough

You write on my wall and call me your bestie

Yet when we see each other in the street is as if you don't know me

I've gotten better treatment from strangers

And I still remember them saying don't talk to strangers

But one night I met a strange boy from New York and we traded I love you's acros state lines

And he never told me that forever only lasted five months

Five hundred text messages, three phone calls, and one broken heart later

I found the deactivate button and became anti-social media

How can I be intimate with the Father when I'm sharing so much of myself with the world?

No need to change my relationship status

My name's written in the lamb's book of life

And it ain't nobody's business but mine and my God's

I call him Abba Father and he calls me daughter and we talk comfortably without the limit of 140 characters

And yes, he knows my character because we have collaborative cooperative conversation

So no need for Facebook invitaton yet I still wanna be closer

So close that he sets my heart on fire like the burning bush

I wanna be so close to God that I get a back stage pass to the second coming of Jesus Christ

And  refuse to be taken advantage of twice

So I wanna be so close that another stranger can't get to my heart without getting to God's heart first

Beause I could gain one million twitter followers and lose my soul

I could accept a host of Facebook friends but not one of them would accept me like God







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