Anti MLK


They marched for us,
They fought for us.
They sat for us,
Now our elders are sad for us.

Because while they were fighting for us,
You've made it seems as if they fought for themselves.
Yet you yell and say "I'm not black" or "I ain't going back to Africa",
Like...What?? You've NEVER BEEN THERE.

Believing false facts...well alternatives,
Pushing change back like conservatives you don't want to change.
You want to play the blame game,

While doing the same things and expect change.

And no I'm not upset,
I'm just tired of seeing my people struggling.
Blaming their actions on others kins and races,
Instead of remembering faces with names you remember faces and colors.

Exploiting others simply because they aren't you,
Thinking you're stealing their shine but your words just reflect off of you.
Anti means fight against,
But remember what our ancestors and elders fought for.

They fought for our education,
They fought for our rights.
They fought for our future,
They fought for us.

But it’s not their fault for our present day shenanigans,
It's our fault by letting society control our ways.

But today we can end our ways,

And put them in the past by stopping them today.


You’re going against what Martin Luther King Jr stood for,

Remember...he had a dream.

But...I have a vision,

Now revision your life and make the right decision.


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Our world
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