Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen

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Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen

By Emma Roy

Inspired by Monica Ong documentary poetry “Silent Anatomies”

***Please note the media attached is the original version of the poem


Anterior View of a Fragile Abdomen

   Nerves firing off gunshots to form this unexplainable feeling that makes my stomach churn.  These are not the butterflies, these are the spiders forming webs, catching only the worst. I always knew you were there, but I never knew why you provoked such sharp, stabbing pain. Leave. I thought you were long term, but you should have been a passerby. Lea-leave. Leave. Something tingles in my-  trust my gut-  fingers, as I begin to sweat out your mistakes.  Trust my gut. I vomit you up because you are the food poisoning to my brain. Trust my gut. Trust my gut. Now let me rest to start anew.  (A) My First Warning Sign 


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