We're learning about suicide and depression in health class. I wish the other kids wouldn't laugh.
I wish I could say something. I wish I could say everything.
But how do you tell a friend that you tried to off yourself?
How do you say that every day is a living hell?

And when you do tell them, when they ask why, how do you say that you'd wanted to die?
It makes me sad. It makes me cry.
I lived, but he passed away. Then there's more.




Not everyone gets help. I'm one of the lucky few.
Not everyone knows how to get help.

Do you?

Tell a class how many of them will try to end their lives. Based on statistics, tell them how many will survive.
Make them all take an anonymous test.
Ask how many know people who've committed suicide. Ask how many only know people who tried.
Ask how many know people who have used self harm. Ask how many have seen kids with cuts on their arm.
Ask how many of them have ever purposely hurt themselves. Ask how many thought of it.
Ask how many have wanted to die. Ask how many have ever tried.

I wonder, of those students, how many lied?

Students should be able to go to someone for help; they shouldn't have to hide or feel ashamed.
I should be able to tell you my story. Most of all, I should be able to tell you my name.

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I absolutely love this so much. It's beautiful.

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