Man's world unfolds fool's gold

and wild vanities untold


The sake of being pious is valued at minus

Ruthless is cherished as highness


Brandished guns and sharpening knives

Careless are aggressors devouring lives


Heedless to say, we are all in disguise

By hindering others, we delay our demise


Rejoice! Rejoice! Alas appoint

Cease to disjoin, a havocking noise


Greedy sums of money account for

The needy numb and bloody on mounds, floors


The cerulean globe is abundant for everyone, no doubt

Hence, capitalists see it as a berry fitting for only one mouth


Now at crossroads of bouts

With no middlemen allowed


At such intersection there is no choice to be stray

Choose to be slain or beg to remain


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