And Here I Stand.

There is nothing worse than betrayal, because it signals the end of a friendship.

You claim I betrayed you, but I did no such thing.

After all, I'm not the backstabber.

I'm not the trash talker.

I'm not the cheater.

And I'm not a temptress, as you always used to claim.

Ironic, how it was you who was doing all of that.

Yet you still claim that it was I who betrayed you.

If you never wanted me to take that step, you should've said so.

Because now I don't care.

I feel no guilt.

Because I'm the victim here.

Because you're the bad guy.

And you'll always be the bad guy.

And here's my response to your poem.

Your poem that has no effect on me at all.

A month ago, I would have cried.

But now?

Now I just laugh at how pathetic you really are.

Love, your ex-best friend (if I ever was that).

PS: I never liked your hair.

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