and all the lost children

supporting choice

supporting freedom rights

(but are you ever



choosing girls

fifteen sixteen eighteen

who deserve their high school

college years

(but do you ever wonder

if it kills them more

to lose the life they’ve

created, than to keep it?)


helping women

who deserve their careers

husbands who can’t

afford to support

a family alone

(are you ever cold

though, like tinkling ice

when she says it’s not

even a question, I’m

getting rid of it?)


and I sometimes think women

and their boyfriends lovers husbands

already made their choices

when they chose to risk the results.


choosing the rights

of american women

(but is this a free

enlightened nation

where it’s lawful

and funded by taxpayers

to discard unborn children?)

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My country
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 I love this poem because it talks about how society treats people. It also implies that if you have just a little more flaws than the other person YOU are the one who gets put down. 

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