Amidst the noise

Sun, 04/21/2013 - 20:24 -- Kylle18

Amidst all the noise echoing halls. She sits quietly writing, reading, hard work doesn’t inspire except the attitude which she portrays
She is diligent
She is mighty
And spends long nights doing work till perfection
What is perfection? An endless trial of missed quality works
Nonetheless she sits till the AM striving towards this goal good was never enough
The stars were never enough to satisfy her need for light
She wants the moon with LED lights strapped to the crescent
Which is why I am so lucky to be her man

And why I don’t know where I can stand?

She knows what she wants and she wants the best. Am I Really the best? Pressure on the starting gait had lifted answers seen forever away. But atleast for now I wont complain.
-Kyle Essex


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