The Amerikkkan flag with its colors so vibrant

Red for the billions of victims they silenced

Blue as the oceans we crosed

And as white as the policemen's skin responsible for the people I lost

"To serve and protect."

But every time I see them, I cross my chest

To protect the the threat

Lord knows I don't wanna be next

So I say God bless to a broken nation

"America the bravest" protecting murderers so heinous

Everyday is a new hashtag 

For the USA, clothed by the Klan's rag

I thought about how I would only be outraged if I were Tamir's mother

Or maybe I would be enraged if I were Trayvon's brothers

I scream, in rage, for the agony of my estranged people

Forced into a third world country where we're not seen as equals

Never knew my own skin color could be so lethal

The blood of our ancestors still seeps through

Transparent that racism may die down, but it's never did

Clear that the world hates black and sees it better red

They hate that Beyonce is putting us in formation

But can support politicians that are misogynistic racists

All that I pray is that my remaining woke brothers and sisters can take these horrible events into consideration

Because just like these cops have no shame,

Bullets have no names.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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